Syllabus or Expectations

Last night our group finally connected with Anelise Shrout to flush out our syllabus for the remainder of the semester. Going into the conversation I really didn’t know what to expect from her or the other members of the cohort. Surprisingly, as a group we were very quickly able to articulate what we wanted to get out of the final project. The concept of designing our own final project and even how  we were evaluated was completely foreign to all of us. I caught myself multiple times making assumptions about what we could do as a group just based on my traditional classroom experiences. These realizations made me question and contemplate how limiting my formal education really had been.

While our syllabus is not finalized I am feeling much more motivated and connected with the experience since defining what is expected of me as a member of this course. I will say that I really wish that we could have done this earlier in the semester. I think this lesson will hold true into the future as I transition into less defined work spaces. I would rather struggle and be introduced to these challenges now rather then only being exposed once I enter the workplace.


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