Reflection 10/24

I’m about to finish my UX course, which has me thinking about all the ways that the process could improve. I have few problems with the course itself. Most of my issues arose from a lack of follow-ups during the process. It would have really helped to meet with others weekly to discuss our progress, what we had learned, and encourage each other to be on time. I missed a lot of deadlines because the UX course just didn’t seem urgent enough.

My problems with the course had to do with scheduling as well: because I couldn’t see the next unit until I was done with the last one, I didn’t know what the week would look like, so I couldn’t schedule things out. I think the thing that this project needs the most is to have one meeting for each unit. If it seems like students don’t need it, then that’s fine, but it’s a good idea to start with meetings first, in case students need a push.

I would also like to have a resource in the future that would help me conduct user research: a database that randomly selects participants from Davidson students for me, where I could edit the criteria for different things. This would help me to have a more random sample.

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