Reflecting on UX

I remember being surprised when I checked the UX General Assembly Course Unit 6 section. In the trenches of units 3-5, I had wanted to find some inspiration in my “classmates’” final projects, or at least get an idea of what work was coming my way. Out of thirty or so course participants, three had posted final presentations. That’s almost shocking! Especially given that most of the legwork for the presentations had already been completed in the course.


I later learned that to complete the course, students don’t actually have to make the final presentation. That’s why there were only three. In a way, I think this illustrates our problems with the UX course. Though useful and good content, it was practical to a fault. I found myself spending hours tweaking a “project” that I knew I would never actually make happen. But to complete the course, I had to treat my theoretical project as if it were actually going to happen. This probably helped me master the content, but it felt pointless. I was pushing hard to make a product that would never go to market, and it felt futile and frustrating.


This particular UX course would be great for students with project ideas they truly want to make happen. For students like me who simply want to learn about the ideas and process behind UX, not necessarily to employ them right now, perhaps a modified version could be designed.

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