Who owns a student-designed course? When I first signed up for the UX DLRD course I envisioned a course where the students would design, run, and hold each other accountable. In our course this vision just has not materialized. During my experience it has felt like the course is being driven by staff members.


While there is nothing wrong with this, it just hasn’t felt like students are the ones running the course. I think that because of we have been less willing and excited to put our best foot forward to really own and complete the project. Instead it just feels like a course where we have no regular meeting schedule and no concrete expectations which leads to struggles with getting together and overall moral of the group.


To be fair, the situation we find ourselves in is largely due to the lack of leadership by the students in the course. I really think  if we as students would have just taken control of the experience back in September then the facilitators would have let us run the process. Sadly, I think we are now in a situation where we now just need to  push through and try to learn as much about the material while operating similarly to a normal Davidson course.

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