Following up

Career services reiterates the importance of networking, of reaching out and making connections, making phone calls, and making meaningful conversations happen. After this week of DRLD, though, I would like to add something about the importance of following up. I believe that arguably more important is writing that thank you email or scheduling that coffee catch-up.


At our weekly group meeting, John-Michael asked me how my race the previous weekend went and seemed genuinely interested in how I finished. Anelise Shrout, who helped our group build our UX course syllabus, reached out to meet with us when she’ll be passing through next week, just to see how things were going.


That kind of thing really means a lot because it means someone cares about you, for more than any connection or information you can give to them. Moving ahead, I want to make an effort to follow up with people and look forward to how this plays out.

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