Focus Group 3

My third focus group consisted of two students which seemed to work much better than my second interview which only had one person. My strategy of having more than one student will continue for the rest of my interviews. In this focus group, I interviewed 2 sophomores who are really good friends with each other. This created an environment of openness and fun as both were constantly making jokes back and forth with each other. This didn’t seem to negatively impact the content that I got from the interview so I may explore more with whether this is a good strategy.

On a more personal note, I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the interview process. At first, I felt somewhat awkward asking someone to participate and then the questions seemed kind of awkward to ask. However, I now feel confident with the process and actually really enjoyed running this last focus group. I still have quite a few focus groups to run so I hope that my energy stays up.

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