Don’t Take an Incomplete

When I started the UX course in the Fall I was very excited. With the pace we went in the Fall I decided to take an I and finish the course in my Senior Spring. This was a horrible idea. I have struggled to find the time to finish this project. Every week I keep telling myself that I am going to finish, but something more urgent always comes up. In these last few weeks, I really need to put my head down and just finish the work.

I think what frustrates me is that I have been given so much freedom and flexibility with my work and I have responded by just not doing the work. Sadly, I think classes with this little structure are going to create this experience for many students. As students, we are so overcommitted academically, extra-curricularly, and socially so when we are given flexibility I think it is a natural response to just put that work off because we already are always so overwhelmed. Maybe I am wrong, but I think more structure is needed in these DLRD classes. Additionally, I should have predicted that this would happen. If I could go back I would just finish the project last Fall.

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