Calling Anelise

Last week Will, Laya, and I found a table outside New Summit and called Anelise Shrout to conduct our syllabus build. I was not very much looking forward to it. I felt like it was an unnecessary step that only slowed us down from moving ahead into phase 2. But, John-Michael recommended it, and we were struggling to write the syllabus on our own; I figured it couldn’t hurt. Actually, Anelise was so helpful, but I don’t know quite how to put it into words. With this course, I think I feel some pressure to produce and perform. Because I started out very slowly, it feels like catch-up and make-up at times, as if I need to do a lot and do a lot deeply now because in the beginning of the year, I did not. But Anelise didn’t know about any of that, how we struggled to start the course, how I had a hard time finishing the General Assembly online portion. She just helped us sort through our thoughts and hopes for phase 2, and the separation from phase 1 was actually really valuable. It’s important to work to improve upon our past experiences moving forward. But I’m learning that to effectively move forward, you have to let the past experiences go. To a point, they’ll only slow you down.

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