Blog Post 9-Wrapping Up

Writing the final report for DLRD was tricky. I had to go through all of my old transcripts and select what I thought was most important – but without letting my personal ideal for the project affect what I chose. I found that there were several commonalities in what people suggested, but some answers were surprising. Some I didn’t agree with, but I included them anyway. The whole process of writing the report took about 3 hours: half to synthesize information, and half to write. Writing the report itself was actually easier than collecting the tidbits of information.
While I was writing, I didn’t really think of anything that could have been changed about the process.
Now, looking back on the course in general, I think of ways it could have been improved.
The course could have had a better submission system. Do we put our reports and transcripts on Google Drive, like I did, or do we email them?
I finished at a different time than my fellow classmates. I wasn’t sure how this would impact my grade, if at all. Yet again, having a concrete time schedule not only makes us more efficient, it makes us less anxious.
Having a clearer syllabus would be good. I blame myself and my group for not setting clearer standards for ourselves. Example: what do the blog posts count for? Why do they count for anything? What are the due dates? This problem might be remedied in later years by other students, who have our blueprint to follow, and who also know from us what not to do.
This course left me at times frustrated, confused, and disheartened: but at the end, I put in some solid work that I did not feel bad about. I am decently proud to call it my own. I would be even prouder if it (and everyone else’s work) had been completed on a time table, and if we already had our feedback as to its helpfulness. I also wish I knew where the project was going in the next few years. If it needs to be built, and if Davidson and Georgetown are willing to fund it, then I’m willing to be involved. I hope that this becomes a class, and new students join as well. It would be sad to put all this work into an app just to see it go nowhere.

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