Blog Post 8- Last Interviews

As I mentioned earlier, my last round of interviews during fall semester didn’t go well, or go at all. This left me to text people I knew asking for skype interviews. Unluckily, all my Davidson friends were at Davidson and studying for finals. I waited until break started, but then, of course, people wanted to be with their families.
On the week of January 4, I got a lucky break, and two friends of mine visited my home. I was able to interview both of them, and get my final three interviews. I know that one is not supposed to interview friends, but this was my last chance. I got the interviews.

Then, I spent about two weeks writing up the transcripts. This was very, very time-consuming, and it was always hard to decide how much to include. Sometimes the interviewees and I went off topic, and sometimes there were long pauses that I had to cut. Sometimes the participants had said someone’s real name, and I knew to cut that too.


However, by the time I was finishing up the transcripts, it became almost second nature, and I became much faster at it. If I could give any advice to other students doing a similar project, though, it would be to do the transcripts the day or soon after they are taken. When doing them all at once, the sheer fatigue and boredom can be overwhelming.


Anyway, by the last one, I never wanted to see another Google Drive page ever again. Which of course meant I had to write my final report.

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