Blog Post 7: Finals Week

This was a week when I was very, very crunched for time. I left Davidson early on the 10th, and I was nowhere near done with my interviews. I think that at the start of the week, I had four more left to do, and of course had to work on finals as well. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same problem. The only interview I was able to get done that week was with a friend who I had asked even before Thanksgiving Break. She gave a good Type 1 interview and I took down the transcript, but I had to drop DLRD things for a moment to focus on finals. This leads me to think – again – about timing.

If our goal is to end the DLRD course at a normal time, instead of having it extend into the next semester, and having all the students take an incomplete, we need to start the course early. From the beginning, it needs to be on a regular schedule, with weekly meetings, checkins with staff, and a good enforcement system for assignments. If weekly grades are the way to get that done, then that might be the way to go. I think the most important thing is to make sure that it gets done before finals. This could mean scheduling all DLRD appointments ahead of time, and making it clear to participants the importance of their meetings.

In the end, I went home on the 10th, still lacking my user interviews. It was only through extreme luck that I ended up completing all ten later on – and it didn’t happen until early January. That’s what I’ll write about in the next post.

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