Blog Post 6 – Second Round of Interviews

Blog Post 6 – Nov 27- Dec 3

This was the week that I came back and really had to gear into getting user interviews. However, this week, I only remember getting about 2. I had emailed two people over the break, but none of them responded. I ended up having to talk to previous participants (who had contributed their high school experience to type 1 interviews) to ask for their opinions on the prototype. This was a week when I really could have benefited from having user interviews lined up already, or having that coffee card from John-Michael. Oh, that’s another thing: I forgot to get the coffee card. This left me unable to give people any incentive. I do remember buying one of my participants a Dr. Pepper myself, which I’m all right with, though I wouldn’t do it over and over.

This leads me to the next thing: I offered incentives to the people I emailed, but none of them emailed me back anyway. So I’m not sure of what to do. It may have been that right before finals, no one was willing to take an hour out of their day to interview, or maybe we should have increased our incentives.
Note: I did notice that during the focus group, some people seemed upset that there was no Toast, and rather Dunkin Donuts. I think that as small as it seems, that kind of thing is important. Toast gets people out of bed in the morning on a Saturday, while the other may not. We need to think carefully about what type of incentive we are giving to people, and the timing of our user interviews as well. I think the whole process would have better had it begun a bit earlier.

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