As I have been thinking about my own performance in the UX course I have come to a few short conclusions about what it means to be accountable in terms of our course. For me to be accountable I must first buy into the project. I think I bought into the initial idea of the UX course. Yet I was never able to really flush out my purpose and direction for this semester in this course. I usually work well in ambiguity, but this time around I felt like it wasn’t my ambiguity and that the domain was owned by others. This feeling let me push the project off as I felt stronger connections to other classes and projects that I was working on.


I think it could be perceived that myself and my group are not engaged because there is no central figure or professor that is leading the project. My experiences with DNC, Campus as Lab, Dinner at Davidson, and even FIJI tells me that this is not true. I really just think that for a while I just haven’t cared about the project or course. How do I change this attitude because my learning depends on it.

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