Wow, Ruby is really difficult. 2/25

Ummm…what is Ruby? What does it do? Why is it useful? Is it similar to anything we’ve seen before? Is it easy to learn? Wait, really…what is it?

These are the main questions I had when clicking the dreaded “Start week 3, Ruby” button. I had a misconception of Devbootcamp, mostly my fault. I’m not sure what I thought it was, but I certainly didn’t think this. Before all other students enter devbootcamp they are required to complete an introduction to Ruby course. They then ask you to revisit the course during week 3. I had never seen this course which added about 10 extra hours of work for the week and led me to be SO confused about what Ruby was and how I was possibly going to learn even the basics in three weeks. I tried my hardest. Between trying to learn everything my peers already knew and trying to finish the week strong, I struggled, but I survived. I am interested in Ruby and it’s capabilities. I would like the curriculum to show me more about what Ruby can do. I would like to see more of an interface between Ruby and the user. I think that may come later but for now, I am really confused by the functions/usability. I get really frustrated sometimes because my instructor is never online when I need help. I can really only work on devbootcamp at night and have a really hard time contacting my advisor when I need her. I feel like I am solely teaching myself and relying on my cohort mates to explain things that sometimes they don’t even understand. I guess I can’t really say that I’m teaching myself because I have to rely SO much on these videos from devbootcamp. They’re long, boring, and take a while to understand. I do appreciate the occasional horrible joke that makes me giggle, but other than that, it’s a bust.

Anyway, I’m stressed. I don’t think I like this. I don’t know why this is useful. I am not enjoying myself. I wish I had better feedback. It would make me feel a lot better about my work because, at this point, I’m really unsureabout what to do next and how I am going to get through this process.

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