What I Learned

Now that I am done with this course, I definitely would attribute my improvement in maximizing my resources to this course. One of the most commendable components of this course is the focus on encouraging its students to research external resources to complete their project, whether its Stack Overflow, another student in the cohort, or one of the program advisors. When reaching a challenge in an assignment, I first sought out help by reviewing the material that the assignment is focusing on, and if that does not work, then use google to find other help. As frustrating as this was as times, I did appreciate the expectations to learn most of the material’s most complex on my own rather through a structured program. Devbootcamp’s teachings were focused on understanding the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, which was then delved deeper through my independent project, which is discussed in another blog post. I wish I could have had more experience in this languages going considering that it was supposed to meet the standards of a Davidson course. My experience, however, was different than that of other members in my cohort. I learned how to better communicate with my individuals both in a physical and technological setting. Although completing projects in person were far preferable, I did at times have to do projects with individuals from all over the country. This experience helped me understands my strengths and weakness, a strength being able to give and take constructive criticism, and a weakness being that I struggled to clarify a technological questions when the person was not physically present.

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