Week 7, Theme: I feel unsupported 3/5/17

I am alone. I am alone in the world of Ruby and I do not like it. I am trying so hard and understanding it enough to do it, but not understanding it enough to enjoy it or have a desire to do it. I feel unsupported because I don’t have time to talk to my advisor. I am busy during office hours and the time difference really isn’t helping me contact my advisor.

I broke down today because I realized that I am just SO overwhelmed. I was slated to take the week six two hour assessment at 10 pm on the 3rd. It was the only time where I could take the exam when I was going to feel fully prepared. The exam was two hours which would give me plenty of time to wake up the next morning, take my four hour communications exam, and leave for Jacksonville/Orlando/Jamaica at 1 pm. Something went wrong with my gitbash terminal and no one was awake or available to help me. I knew the problem was substantial enough to keep me from doing my week six assessment. So, instead, I had to study for a few hours to take my four hour exam, starting at 11 pm. I finished the exam at 3 am, and then woke up at 9 am to take my two hour assessment. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly in the right headspace to take the assessment then. I had a breakdown and asked my advisor for a second chance. She was wonderful and granted it to me immediately.

I picked up the jetpack from ITS on the way out for the 8 hour drive to Jacksonville. I used the jetpack to study for the assessment in the car. My friends were in such disbelief that I had to study for a test and take a test on spring break and then study for a test to take a test after spring break. I too was pretty upset by this. I tried not to get discouraged but I was really really frustrated. I was on my way to my senior spring break and I felt like I was going to spend the entire time working rather than being with my friends that I won’t see much after graduation. We got into Jacksonville at 10 pm. I really didn’t want the assessment to ruin my one main day in Jacksonville with my family so I took the exam around 11 pm and finished it around 1 am. I decided to take the next day off from devbootcamp and start studying once I got to Jamaica.
SURPRISE! The jetpack didn’t work in Jamaica. We had some waiting time in the airport so I decided to try it while I had wifi in case something went wrong. I was able to message Kristin about the Jetpack. I was not able to see any type of response until Wednesday. Her response was to call someone…but I did not have access to a working phone. At this point, I kind of gave up, for real this time.

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