Syllabus and course set up under ignorance

One of the biggest challenges with this course is that it requires students to commit to a massive experimental pedagogical project before they have any idea what they’re getting themselves into what so ever. This makes designing a syllabus with accountability and assignments near impossible. John Micheal was really smart allows us to be flexible and change policies that didn’t work, which helped ameliorate this problem. However, devbootcamp is unlike any other Davidson class in both the time expectations, and with the online learning, and so students have no educated basis to decide if they’re capable of the course before signing up for it. Future students need to be aware of how much time this takes so they can plan their schedule accordingly. I think only sophomores or juniors should take this class, both because they have less busy schedules (relative to seniors), and because they can keep these coding skills at Davidson.

Davidson should honestly change the course so students know what they’re getting themselves into. For example devbootcamp offers week six Ruby practice that’s supposed to start Dev bootcamp. We weren’t given the option of doing that to test if we should sign up for the class. If I had seen that in the beginning I would have dropped the course, just as I should have done. Davidson should incorporate that so students know what’s up. I really wish I understood the course better before signing up. I don’t blame anyone for this, I know this course is new, and bumpy, and experimental, but with more information, I would have chosen to avoid this class, and saved a lot of heartache.

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