SQL and Advising

One of the more difficult sections of devbootcamp was the SQL section where we used SQL to make different databases. After completing the SQL week, I knew that I wanted to incorporate SQL into my final project because doing so will allow me further explore its capabilities, particularly in a more dynamic form through a website. After completing the weekly assignments, I was speaking to a professor at Davidson who had experience who helped me figure out a concern I had with my code in a thirty minutes meeting. Thinking back, I would have liked to know what professors in the computer science I could reach out to for help, or at least have an idea some of the computer science professors’ expertise. I now know that Databases is a course taught a Davidson, and had I known that there was a professor who could have possibly answer a question that my cohort could not would have been very helpful. I found  this week that going to DBC advising sessions could be difficult especially because they typically focus on questions regarding the material we have seen, but not to greater depth. I was disappointed when I asked about the flexibility of the join statement in SQl in terms of when it is best to use it, and when it is best to you some other method. My expectation of those sessions was to be given more than a direct response on resolve something, but rather be asked questions so that I can get to the conclusion on my own.

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