If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this course, I would not be able to give a response without asking some questions first. Based on my conversations with my cohort, enrolling in the course having a computer science background was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed me to understand the material quicker, and being an underclassman relieved me of some of the pressures that may come junior and senior year, like writing a thesis, completing a capstone, or nailing down a summer internship. I would also only encourage taking the course if you are financially comfortable going to the immersive program. I would also recommend having a discussion with the leaders of the programs about the feasibility of partaking in the immersive portion before enrolling if finances are a concern. I liked how the course was independently driven and rewarded you based on how much time you could commit to the program. I would only recommend the course to computer science majors if they can and will pursue the immersive experience. Although I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, I wish the learning could have been in greater depth. I was often times frustrated that the material was fairly easy. Despite the frustrations, I think enrolling in this course taught me the importance of maximizing my resources, whether that is online forums, devbootcamp alumni, or students on campus. Devbootcamp also taught me enough of many different languages that I would feel comfortable taking on some personal or collaborative projects that would require me to use my skills. Although it may be challenging, devbootcamp taught me how to break down a problem into components and then research solutions to each piece, that when put together creates a final project.

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