Positives of Devbootcamp

Despite the 7 posts I’ve spent mostly complaining about devbootcamp, there were some parts I really liked. It was very clear that Devbootcamp’s coursework that they had a personality, and that they were experimenting with new styles of learning and trying to really help people learn how to code. I admired their passion, humor and wit. I really enjoyed the HTML and CSS part of the coursework, I felt like I could use my own creativity in the programming and really represent my ideas, and watch them unfold. I made websites about the muckrakers and about the planets, and I’m actually really proud of the work I did for that section of the class. I went well and above what I had to do because I really enjoyed the work that I was doing. Most of the guides were really helpful, attentive, focused, and punctual. One in particular was constantly kind and complimentary and supportive even though I was a completely mistaken about like everything. This helped me feel very supported. Working with peers was also great. Some of the peers I worked with were absolutely incompetent, but others really pushed me and were pretty cool. Working with peers taught me coding shortcuts, and tools on how to work with people you don’t know. It was very pre-professional. I think devbootcamp is a great program, for some, but I don’t think it was right for me. Davidson should continue this partnership and build on the good parts of Dev boot camp.


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