Pointlessness and lack of accountability

At points in my Devbootcamp experience, it was hard to escape the feeling that my all my work was completely pointless, nobody cared about it, and it never mattered at all. All of the assignments I turned in were essentially ungraded by anyone, because peer reviews were a joke, and the proctors hardly ever look at assignments to see how their peers are doing and to change their teaching style. Devbootcamp also had a series of purely BS prompts that on self-growth, changing your mindset, accountability, and the social implications of coding, but nobody ever read any of these, and students would often submit blank assignments and get away with it. The fact that dev bootcamp seemed not to care about anything really took away from the experience. Most, but not all of the weekly tests in class nobody ever looked at either, which really bothered me, because I put some really clever jokes in my HTML test. Dev does build a bit of accountability into the system through peer professional pairings.

Suddenly, after nothing actually mattering, expect the pressures and expectations you put on yourself, Devbootcamp pops a super important test that will determine whether you are allowed to progress or not. It’s a pretty big difficulty spike. The test comes at one of the worst times in the semester when you’re super busy with work from other classes or on break, and only includes Ruby, which is the hardest part of the whole course. I personally slipped behind around here, because of work from my other classes and ruby was much harder than anything I was accustom to.

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