Overlapping lines of command

Overlapping lines of command between both Devbootcamp and Davidson made it challenging at times to know who had authority and who to go to for support. Thought the entire process I believe I had 4 advisors, and it was confusing to know who to go to for what. John Michael, who is amazing and made this course manageable, and is just an amazing person in general, was my go to source of information and support. I don’t know if he can get a raise, but he probably should. I’m not just saying that because he’s grading these blog posts either.

While the devbootcamp advisors were always available, I just never felt comfortable going to them for my questions, because I had no idea who they were or anything about them. I probably should have. I know many of my peers did and they got help really quickly. When I had a question I couldn’t answer, I did research for hours on end, or asked a peer. Thought these blog posts, I’ve complained, a lot, about how devbootcamp is a massive timesuck, but maybe if I were more willing to ask for help, it would have been more manageable. I also didn’t utilize my Davidson faculty advisor as much as I should have. I should have come to him and asked him questions about how to design my project to ensure he’d be happy with it. This is totally my fault; I should have made an effort to communicate with people more.



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