Okay, this isn’t so bad…1/2/2017

So far, so good. I like HTML a lot. I think it’s really cool to see what a website starts, especially when I see a website like CNN. To think someone spent the time to code out the entire website! In thinking about what my website with simple text on it looks like in comparison pretty much any real legitimate website, I know there is a long way to go. It’s hard to believe that websites start out this way at all. Just a computer, a terminal, and a software like sublime. It gives you a new appreciation for the internet in general. If that programmer had missed a tag or a comma, the website could potentially have a whole new look or functionality. I wish we could pick up the pace a little and add more functional and design aspects to the web pages. I want to learn more about a user interface experience, where the data is stored, and how a person (the coder) can see it. I’d be excited to see all that goes into a bigger website such as CNN. We got to see some of this in one of the sections, however, I would like to explore deeper and learn a lot more about the functionality of HTML sites. I would also be interested in learning about more than just HTML, what other functionalities do those structures have and what are the advantages or disadvantages of using them? So many questions and I am ready for some answers!  

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