Now I Think Differently

It makes sense that this course would change the way I work through challenges and undertake coding projects. Some of those changes come from the new skills I have learned – Git workflow, peer pairing, wire framing, user-centered design to name a few. I was, for example, able streamline my drafting process in designing the website for my final project by wire framing the main page and how I wanted users to move from there to other parts of the site. Our conversations about user-centered design impact how I build sliders and whether my slides or buttons are intuitively navigable.

But what I did not expect is how this course would change the way I “dream big”. I like lofty goals and projects. I enjoy planning ideal road trips and thinking up ideas for novels. Before this course I thought about app development as a career path, a theoretical thing, but I never thought of ideas for apps. Even as I watched my friends take advantage of all the funding and mentorship opportunities Davidson offers for innovation and tech, I never really understood how people came up with their ideas. My brain just was not thinking or engaging with the world’s challenges in that way. But now, somehow, it does. I still cannot really explain it. I imagine it has something to do with being around the dev energy and getting more exposure to folks and their passion project. I do not think it is directly correlated to knowing a little more code – because I surely do not know enough to execute even a simple project yet – but I do think that focusing on coding skills for the first half of the semester opened a door in how I think. And now, a couple times already, I have had ideas for apps that directly relate to experiences in my life and the world I see around me. Some, like new features for the Intersect App, might be within reach, but others are simply dreaming big. And I am grateful for the surprising creative opportunities this course has opened up for me.

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