Liberal arts and Dev Bootcamp

Devbootcamp inherently doesn’t perfectly fit into the Liberal Arts model, but there are significant areas of overlap. I took this class, because thought I would have the opportunity to use new tools to mix multiple areas of knowledge to produce an interesting project that encapsulated my thinking and identity. In theory, this program provides this. This program allows students to combine their subject area interests with these coding skills, but the subject area skills de facto only incorporate a really tiny portion of the course and there is little support for that.

However, Devbootcamp‘s limits the amount of freethinking that students can exhibit during the course by tightly structuring assignments within set rubrics and strict time limits. While every major should be able to enjoy, learn ,and complete introductory subject classes Devbootcamp uses a relentless amount of time that drains away from your other course materials and really just sucks up your life. Devbootcamp is designed to accommodate to the professional needs of young coders who plan to go into their coding camps, and ultimately coding careers. Ultimately this is how they justify Phase 0’s massive time suck. If you don’t want to go into a coding career, then the time suck feels absolutely pointless and enervating, because towards the middle of the program, I realized that I never wanted to code professionally again. I do think that Davidson should continue to expand this program and it may prove to be a valuable resource for Davidson in the near and far future.

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