Introduction to Ruby

My experience learning ruby has been one with very few rocky moments, because I learned python last semester and am currently learning Java. I soon realized that learning a programming language is very similar to learning how to ride a bike. The first time you learn how to ride a bike, the experience will surely be difficult, but afterwards you will be able to not only ride the bike you learned on, but also different types of bikes, whether they are road, mountain, etc. My transition from a python mindset to a ruby mindset went by pretty smoothly since the structure was similar. The most difficult part of the transition was learning some of the syntax that ruby used, specifically the “end” statement, after a while loop, or if statement. The most exciting ruby lesson and most relevant for my final project was when we combined ruby and html to create embedded ruby files. Although this material was seen in the latter part of the course, this was the foundation for which many webpages function upon. Previous to this lesson, the ruby projects were more focused on static ruby programs that one could only play using the terminal or bash code block. I really enjoyed learning ruby because as far as I know, this language is not taught at Davidson, and as someone who wants to pursue a career in web development, understanding Ruby and having a portfolio to demonstrate some of my work with the programming language will be beneficial.

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