I actually kinda like this…2/6/2017

I’ve gotten to a point where I actually feel like I can do this and do this well. I am really enjoying HTML and CSS and getting to explore guides, stack overflow, and the dev-curriculum. I am also really liking pairing and the GPS sessions. I really enjoy working through problems with my peers to find a solution that works and that we both understand. I find myself not getting the actionable and specific feedback that I need. The GPS sessions seem to be the only time where you receive feedback about your code specifically and I am finding that the GPS sessions are happening a little too late. Once the sessions happen, I have already worked on the topic extensively and either spent hours trying to find a solution or gave up. By the time I get to the GPS I have already worked out the issues I was having in the previous week and if I have not figured it out I feel myself being embarrassed to ask because then it is clear that I have been struggling for a while with no solution. Although I like the content that we are learning I am struggling with the way we are learning it. I know that a lot of people have been successful with this style of learning before, and while that is somewhat encouraging, I find myself being very frustrated and a little bit at a loss when I get stuck. Specifically this week I struggled with getting my CSS elements to be side-to-side, and I was just unable to get it…it is still a point of confusion for me. So…even though I am liking it more, I am still hoping for clearer instructions, more feedback, and more accessible help.

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