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I appreciated that we could ease up on the expectations for our class meetings as we finished with our DBC work and moved towards our independent projects. That transition felt natural and appropriate. I also enjoyed when Tifé brought his mentor/friend to class to speak about digital design consulting, and I think it would be great to have more guests like that throughout the semester. He was able to provide details on concepts and jargon, like design thinking and user-centered design, that we had been using throughout the semester but that I had not yet fully understood. His discussion of user personas and design philosophy has helped me as I work to build a website that accessible to users in terms of both content and structure. Having a speaker from the tech world also helped concretize how the work I was doing and skills I was using might be applied in the “real world”. Although there is still a big jump between Ruby basics and running a consulting firm I had such little exposure to the dev world coming into the course that it was nice to have a window into just how broad it is.

It was similarly valuable when Rex joined our skype call, though at that point the conversation was focused more on the bootcamp and straight development skills. I think having a guest with Rex’s experience would have been particularly valuable in the first three weeks of the course to build context and capacity. I think it would have been great if we could have connected more with some of the other students engaging with DLRD, particularly individuals working on apps. Hearing from people at all stages in their dev journeys/ careers might have helped us understand and really believe Rex when he talked the continuous learning process and just how little he knows he knows even after having been in the industry for several years.

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