Group meetings

I was skeptical of the group meetings at first, because I thought they’d be a waste of time, but they ended up being one of my favorite parts of the process. They provided immeasurable and necessary support and I met people from other majors that I otherwise wouldn’t have. John Michael structured and led the meetings really well dividing the time between catching up, learning new information, and working in community. John Michael really fostered a community atmosphere by bringing desserts, Sabi, and just being a nice guy in general. This provided a nice balance to all the crying that also happened. Suffering with my peers, about something we all were having a hard time with really built a lot of much needed solidarity, and reminded me that I wasn’t alone. I don’t know how people do devbootcamp without having the weekly meetings like we did. In the future maybe we should all have the same advisor in the same cohort so we can all communicate better, and everyone can be on the same page.

I also thought our attendance policy was very fair. You could miss meetings if you let John Michael know ahead of time. That made the awkward meeting time much more easy to manage with all of the other extra curricular and events that pop up during the week. Despite this rule flexibility, most people came to most of the meetings, which signifies to me that people really got something out of the meetings, I know I did.

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