Google hangouts…my new worst nightmare…2/23/17

I have begun to hate mandatory pairing sessions and GPS sessions because of google hangouts. Google hangouts has so many issues and it has proven to be such a waste of time. You schedule a time to meet with someone but because of google hangouts, your actual meeting is about 10 minutes later, by the time everyone has worked out their technology issues. I have a tough schedule this semester and those ten minutes really mean a lot to me. But, let’s face it, my issue with GPS and online peer pairing is not just about google hangouts. I have such a hard time scheduling across three different time zones. I think this has been a real pain point for me. I enjoy meeting new people and having conversations about why people are interested in this and why it is so important to them. However, I often feel that it is pointless to meet these random people every week when there is never really an opportunity to connect with them again outside of your 50 minute session. I have had a lot of issues with GPS’. My guide has often been late, unhelpful, or provided feedback that was not explained well enough. I hope one day soon for a guide that I like and find to be helpful. I also think it’s important to talk about how uneven the pairing partners can be. Half of the time I either feel like I am walking someone through this exercise that I could have done alone in less than half the time. The other half of the time I feel like the other person has years of experience and wants to run circles around the assignment, spending time making things more complex when I barely understand the assignment. For these reasons, I prefer pairing with students on campus. This way I can actually make a connection with the people I am working with as a see them every week. Jose and I have really grown close over our peer pairing sessions. We have a routine and a style that works for us and is very effective. I am grateful that we have that opportunity in this cohort.

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