Final Thoughts and Lessons

Now that I’m a senior, I’m perhaps especially inclined to nostalgically look back over my decisions with a bit of mix regret. One of my biggest regrets about this experience is that I spent so much time doing devbootcamp work that I really missed out on my senior spring. My semester was completely defined by staying in my room and trying to meet devbootcamp’s strict time requirements. I spent less time with my friends, and now that I graduate in less than 10 days, I really regret the time I missed with them. I think a lot of seniors tell themselves they need to learn how to code before they graduate, which is why so many seniors took his class. We also all regret it (to different degrees). I also regret all the job opportunities I didn’t really have the time to apply for, because I was doing Devbootcamp stuff. I know devbootcamp will (hopefully) help me get jobs in the future, but in short run it’s actually made things paradoxically harder.

If I had to sum up my devbootcamp experience in one lesson it would be it taught me to be better at “cutting my losses and moving on.” Towards the end of devbootcamp, I changed my philosophy from “do everything as perfectly as possible” to “just do the best you can with the time you have and hope things work out.” I had to learn when it’s appropriate to give up and move on rather than driving yourself mad. That’s maybe one of the best life lessons I’ve learned from this otherwise unfortunate experience, and maybe that’s a good lesson for a senior to learn before he graduates.



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