Final Project RoadBlocks

After pivoting from a google plugin focused project to webpage, I had to revisit the section in devbootcamp where I learned Sinatra, an open-source web application software library. As exciting as it was to use a skill I learned in devbootcamp, I quickly realized that devbootcamp lessons on Sinatra were not too intensive. I initially didn’t think I would have to use Sinatra, given that there are other accessible ruby libraries, but I quickly realized that given the amount of time left after making the decision to pivot to a dynamic webpage, I had to dive deeper in the foundation that devbootcamp gave me. Like many projects before this one, I had to do a lot of researching to figure out what techniques and commands worked best and were the most efficient ways to reach my goal. Sinatra allowed me to simulate how my webpage would receive and give HTTP requests. Although it took me time to figure out how quickly and effectively navigate Sinatra, I managed to get the server to save files, run get and post calls without error. This experience was fairly frustrating because I relied more on google and stack overflow for help than the devbootcamp material. Since none of my cohort members, to the best of knowledge, were using Sinatra, and the devbootcamp material was fairly brief, I, at times, had to scavenge for resources to complete some goals I set out for myself. I attempted at times to get support for the dbc advisors, but because there is always an overwhelming amount of students waiting to ask questions, I did not have the chance to do so given schedule constraints. Although I had to rely heavily on google and stack overflow, I did manage to overcome many of my challenges.

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