Final Project Proposal

My final project proposal was initially a google chrome plug-in that will facilitate take home quizzes given by the computer science department at Davidson. The week after completing the devbootcamp coursework and requirements, I began brainstorming with my advisor Dr. Ramanujan about a tool that could be instrumental for either students or professors at Davidson. Given that devbootcamp program focused on the basics on many languages, I knew that there were certain limitations in what I was capable of completeing. My professor and I concluded that I would built a plug-in that students would install on their chrome browser that will allow them the ability to access take home quizzes that the professor assigns. Unlike moodle, the goal of this plugin would be to have a timer start as soon as the student downloaded the quiz skeleton onto their computer. The timer would continue until the time allotted by the professor. Initially, I thought this projected compromised the trust that the Davidson community had onto students, but after speaking to students and other professors about the project, I learned that the concern was not whether students were abusing the lack of oversight, but rather professors were recognizing a pattern where students accidently go over time and then send an email explaining what happened to their professors. So after many conversations, I focused my efforts on constructing a website with a google plug in that would force students to be cognizant of time, unless they had a reason to have additional time.

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