Final Project Execution

After establishing my goal of my final project, I quickly began running to many challenges. My first challenge revolved around learning how to create a google plugin using Google APIs and raw code. I spent countless hours figuring out how I could open a dynamic webpage using my google plug in. After voicing my concerns to my advisor, I came to the conclusion that a google plug in would not be necessarily important, since we were not going to be tracking any cookie data. Thus, my project shifted from a google plug-in based project to a dynamic web page that required certain login credentials and would keep track of when you started a quiz. After making this pivot, my first goal was to establish HTML pages where all of this data could be displayed. The only challenge that arose from this was thinking about what we are allowing the professor to view and execute, and what we are allowing a student to view and execute. Should there be two pages for each webpage depending on the user? I decided that given that the best way to distinguish what a user could see was depending on some data we could attain from the Single Sign On framework, particularly the department. I reached out to ITS and learned that Single Sign On would have to be coded separately. My advisor suggested that I put that portion on hold, and focus on how I could save data being uploaded as a quiz. Using a database, I managed to store the location of a file uploaded, and the time uploaded. Additionally, I managed to create the code necessary to countdown from any given amount of time in hours.

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