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I found myself struggling to learn under Devbootcamp pedagogical style. Dev bootcamp doesn’t have a textbook. They hear that criticism a lot, but they believe that most coders learn by googling their questions, and they want to impart best realistic practices on their training courses. They’re right about that too, that’s how coders learn. It’s probably a system of learning that more people should learn how to do, because it’s commonly used in the non academic world. I’ve certainly gotten better changing my research methods since taking this dev bootcamp class. The problem with this method of learning is that it takes so much time. This makes Devbootcamp, which is already a super time draining experience, even more time draining, and impossible to balance with other assignments. While I don’t think this style of learning is objectively bad, and I understand why Dev does it, it’s really hard to combine this time intensive way of learning in and already time intensive school.

A key part of dev’s pedagogical style is to recognize that ways of thinking are flexible and that you can grow to accommodate new challenges. I can be really cynical, and I certainly mocked Devbootcamp’s silicone valley style thinking, but to be honest, this style of thinking is much healthier than believing your ways of learning are inflexible. Maybe if during the program I had taken some of these lessons to heart more thoroughly, I might have enjoyed the program more? Maybe thinking is flexible, but not as flexible as Devbootcamp thinks it is. I don’t know.

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