Consider as a CS lab Course

When I first signed up for this course, I was going to take it as my 5th class, in addition to two math classes, a computer science class, and an economics class. After speaking to both students, professors, and staff members, I decided not to take economics and instead take this course as one of my four required classes for the semester. Now that the semester is coming to an end, I regret my decision because I overestimated how much work devbootcamp would require of me. The most time consuming part of this independent study has been the final project that we get about a month to work on, and even then we are required to continue learning. After the second week I was getting more curious to when things were going to speed up and when the material would get significantly more difficult. What I was told would be 20-25 hour weeks of work became 5-10 after the third week. The amount of work this course was asking of me was very similar to that of a biology or chemistry lab, with some standard outside work, much like writing a lab report. My recommendation for students taking this course is to proceed with caution. If you are a computer science major, then most of the material will be very easy and adaptable to the programming languages you have already seen. So I will recommend taking the course if you definitely can and want to participate in the spring/summer (depending when you enroll) immersion portion because that is the most applicable and collaborative experience that will reflect on how a career in web development will be.

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