Benefits of Being a CS Major

One of the my biggest advantage coming in was my experience using a programming language, python. I saw that many of the things my peers were difficult to take grasp of, I had already done the previous semester. I definitely did struggle with the material the first time I saw it in the Fall 2016. Although the material I was seeing with the devbootcamp coursework was new, particularly my exposure in Ruby, SQL, HTML, and CSS, the material seemed to click far quicker than it did for my peers. I think this was the case because the Davidson computer science curriculum engrained the way of thinking that is required when approaching problems through a computer science lens. A key component of the computer science curriculum at Davidson is the focus on peer programming which devbootcamp also adapts. Experience in how to work efficiently in long and taxing projects were of great benefits when my partner and I would break down the weekly peer programming assignment from the devbootcamp curriculum. Furthermore, being a second year student also had its advantages. Since the devbootcamp curriculum is set up to take about 20-25 hours a week, I began to notice that I had an easier time managing the coursework when compared to the seniors taking the course, because I did not have the pressure of a thesis, art gallery, or capstone that must have been completed in order to graduate, all while prowling for a job for the next year. Unlike the seniors, I noticed that I could dedicate more time in devbootcamp without having to give up or focus less on other things.

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