An HTML email or a simple web page 3/22/17.

What a crushing blow. I just video called my advisor after much anticipation. I was hoping to find out what I would be able to accomplish regarding the final project. His response? An HTML email or a simple web page. Ugh. 9 weeks of torture for an HTML email or a simple web page? Words cannot describe my disappointment. I was really excited to try and build something that would actually be meaningful and helpful to others. But hey, I guess a fancy email works!! How will I leverage these skills at all? In speaking to Kristen and John Michael I do feel a little better. They seem to think that my advisor was off in his estimation, but, was he? I actually don’t know how to create an HTML email and would have to do significant research to figure it out. The only web page I can really imagine creating would look like it was from 1990 (if we’re being generous). I think it hurts to hear that this is what my skills are because…it honestly might be true.

I just hope that I didn’t go through all of this time and effort in order to have such minimal skills. I would like to grow from this project, but, at the same time, I’m not sure how much more learning and time I am willing to put into this. I say this because I am so burnt out and tired from this experience and am kind of sick of not seeing the results I want. I was so optimistic at the beginning of this experience and to see this now is extremely disheartening.

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