ExpectAsian- Melissa final

As my time at Davidson comes to an end, I look forward to finishing up the last of my school work. While this class wasn’t the priority it was last spring, I think that my efforts for the class have demonstrate that will effort toward something can wane, interest still remains. I may not have enjoyed all the digital aspects as much as someone else, but I did like the way this class made me re-evaluate how someone learns and the role of technology in learning. I’ve also found myself more interested in other alternative learning initiatives on Davidson’s campus such as the I&E projects that give students the opportunity to try their hand at running a business. If there’s one thing about Davidson that I’ve learned during my time here is that you will always be missing out on something because it’s impossible to do everything and that’s okay. The digital world only seems to expand on those opportunities, but this class has made me realize how technology can also streamline the process to make information a bit more palatable for the average consumer. On the other hand though, as someone who is part of that process, it is still quite the undertaking. I think this class gives students the opportunity to find their own balance and commitment to a class without the pressure of a professor’s syllabus hanging over them and prove that learning isn’t always contained to producing papers and taking tests.

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