I haven’t made as much progress on my semester project as I would like. Figuring out how to plot the points on the map in Neatline is a tad more challenging than I would like. I’m also not sure how much I enjoy the digital aspect of the project. While I like the idea of creating something much more accessible to an audience, I am not so much enjoying the process. I can’t say though that really matters since I’m not really planning on doing anything with this in the long run. I do enjoy that way the project and even the infographics I made last week challenge the way I think about one digests information. I have been helping Adrianne with her animated video, providing a second opinion and the script, but I see how long it’s taking her and the tediousness of her efforts, and can’t help but not want to do anything like that ever. While I certainly appreciate the work and effort that goes behind making digital tools, I don’t think it’s something I want to spend a career doing even if it supposedly gets easier.

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