ExpectAsian Blog Post 3-Melissa

This week I met with Dr. Kabala about digital tool suggestions and platforms for digital museum exhibits. His suggestions of Omeka and Neatline inspired me to look into creating a map that digitalizes ethnic enclaves within the South. I hope to use it to map migration patterns and immigration within the South in order to demonstrate the presence of Asian Americans. I’m currently planning on having a brief background section when you click on the group, and then go into detail about a specific issue that group faced. I’ve never used Omeka or Neatline, but I found that Omeka has a plug in for WordPress so I think the project is achievable. I’m excited to do this project with this tool as I think the tool will really be able to display the kind of information I want. The overall goal of the project would be to illustrate the diversity of Asians in the South and their motivations for coming here while highlighting some of the complexities of claiming Asian identities in the South. Dr. Kabala also suggested we could host the exhibit through Omeka as an addition to ExpectAsian, which I think would give it a separateness from last spring’s work.

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