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I finished the storyboard this week and spoke to Fuji about it. I’m broadening some of the content, so it may take longer to finish than expected. The structure of the class feels like we’re members of a team working on a group project, which makes it easier to bounce ideas off of each other and receive feedback. I feel a little lost in how to use technology for educational objectives in a different way than I did last spring. I spoke briefly with a digital studies professor and I’m planning on meeting with him later next week to discuss how he lays out his classes. I’ve spoken to another professor about how to figure out a different pedagogy to use to structure this class, which led to an interesting discussion on what “standard” pedagogy is and how to break the model. Admittedly in having these discussions with other professors, I’m perhaps not breaking away from the current pedagogical framework in which Davidson operates, but it’s definitely not a discussion I’ve thought about having with professors. Perhaps a brainstorming session with my other classmates on this would be helpful, and then I would have a better idea of what I want to do for my final project.

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