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As the semester begins to rap up, and assignments start flooding in from my other classes, I do have to remind myself that this is a real class that I am receiving a grade in. With that in mind I will say that as a second semester senior I have enjoyed the flexibility of this class and in combination of being able to write about things I actually care and have opinions about. While I’m not sure what skills I’ve learned that will translate to my future endeavors, I know for sure that I will miss writing for the website and working with my classmates. I still have one final stretch to go to finish up the semester and most of my research project for this class. While I have the content pretty set to g, all that remains is putting it together on Omeka, which will likely be a task in itself. I have faith that YouTube and other professors on campus will provide me with the assistance I need to finish strong though. Because if I’ve learned one thing about taking an independent study second semester senior year, is that it truly does require all the self-motivation one has, and if I can summon it to finish this project, I’m fairly confident I can complete just about anything thrown at me in the future.

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