Blog Post 9 — Adrianne

The other day, I happened across a BBC article on how children feel about their parents’ use of technology. It talked about how kids think that their parents’ use of technology takes away from their time with family. Their parents are always working and they simply want them to stop for a little to spend some uninterrupted family time. It is an interesting parallel to what I talked about in my last blog about constantly being attached to technology.

I can understand how constantly working via these mobile devices detracts from family and interpersonal time. However that comes down to your own self-control. Many websites are designed to have a mobile friendly version as well which gives users the freedom to use them on the go. However, it’s down to the person to actually use it. I agree that it is very convenient to be able to surf the internet when you’re bored waiting in line but it’s important to put it down sometimes and take a break.

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