Blog Post #7 Melech

Unity is going somewhat well! Fuji rescheduled our digital module meeting but I have the physics and basic animations sorted out for this narrative.  The hardest part of the whole process really was just the, at times, confusing interface of Unity. The coding of the physics and the controllers were much more straight forward than digging through menus trying to find what you want. I am also most likely going to be using an alternative form of physics within my narrative because it seemed more intuitive to me than the standard rigid body physics used in Unity.

The physics within my digital module, and eventually my narrative, is focused on casting rays that detect the distance between an object and certain obstacles.  The player-character sends out these rays in all directions and their distance is calculated to find the location of the player character.  This system really gives a robust base for positioning the character and working the physics of the environment with it.

The animations I used within my digital module were taken from the stock assets provided within Unity but my narrative will most likely feature royalty free sprites and animations.  I would only need a few base sprites to tinker with and I have also decided that dialogue will be in the form of speech bubbles so voice acting will not be necessary.  The entire scope of the project is hashing out and I am decently confident in its timeline.

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