Blog Post #6 Melech

My proposal has been approved by Dr. Fuji, but learning Unity has really slowed down because I have been concentrating on the more thematic side of my narrative.  I have even asked for an extension on my digital module assignment because I felt that I was not ready to present what I have learned within Unity yet.  I plan on presenting Fuji with a demo that showcases what I have learned so far in Unity. I am currently working on coding the basic controllers for the main character, which would include smooth horizontal movement and some basic idle and jump motions.  This is all done through C# but I am frustrated with Unity’s interface in that a lot of essential features and the ability to interact with multiple files require a drag-and-drop procedure.  I am also limited by the processing power of my laptop, but that is a minor issue that could be solved by working on a more powerful computer, but the mobility of my laptop wins out most of the time. Another issue, is that my project is less focused on improving the base structure of the Expectasian website overall, and strongly leaning towards providing this narrative. I will most likely just be posting my narrative on it to showcase its messages, which would set a precedent for this type of content.

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