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As I narrow down my narrative concerning Asian identity, I have begun the learning process for creating content on Unity Engine.  I am utilizing the tutorials provided by Unity to delve into its inner workings.  I started with this tutorial to get an understanding of how rudimentary 3D models and physics work within Unity.  Most of the content was very straight-forward.  For example. our concept of gravity was the default and most of its physics were being generated automatically by the engine.  I was pleasantly surprised that the background scripting that collects the key strokes from the player to interact with the game utilizes C# which is a language I am very interested in learning.  I have found that C# is very similar to java with its curly bracket closing operations so it was very easy to get the hang of it.  It is also an object oriented language, similar to java and python, so it was very easy to make connections between the code and the affected elements on the engine side.  I also enjoyed the freedom of structure that was given to the user within Unity concerning the organization of folders, models, and scripts.  It made it very easy to visualize and organize the process throughout the tutorial.  I believe that it will be a great experience learning Unity and C# along the way as I try to craft my narrative on Asian identity.

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