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The entire independent study group went to ECAASU 2017 in addition to some general members from the Asian Culture Awareness Association (ACAA).  We are quite invested within ACAA because we are executive board members and our digital narratives class is an extension of our desire to promote Asian culture on campus.  I saw this conference as an opportunity to expand upon my idea of portraying the process of finding an identity as an Asian American.

I was very excited throughout the conference, but one workshop definitely resonated with me on a deeper level.  It was led by Joanne, who was a multicultural officer from Duke University, and she spoke about generation 1.5. This is the in-between generation of children that immigrate to another country between the ages of 5-12. I found that I fit quite snuggly within this generation and it was an experience of self-discovery in that experiences I had growing up were validated and given proper scholarly terms like “social brokering” for your parents. This was a situation in which as a child I had to be the middle man in interactions between my parents and maybe a clerk to overcome the communication barrier of my parents not being able to express what they really wanted to the clerk.  I spoke to Joann after and I will remain in contact with her so I can bring in this aspect of growing up in my narrative.

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  1. Sophie Fry
    Sophie Fry says:

    Quite often encountered in modern society phenomenon. I did not have the best relationship with my parents – because I always acted as a cornerstone in the quarrel between father and mother. How far I can remember – they swore, thank Gods only in words, it never came to a fight, it seems to me that I was the deterrent that prevented my parents from crossing a certain line. All ended with the fact that they divorced, and I moved with my mother to another state, to another school. I can not say that I was bullied by the locals, no, I even found my friend pretty quickly. However, it was still difficult. Moving to another state is certainly not moving to another country, but… I ask myself now a question that relates to the relationship between children and parents, mine, for example, married very early. How do you think It can be the cause of such rubbish and divorce early marriages? And what, in your opinion, is the optimal age for marriage?
    Best regards, Sophie T Fry.


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