Blog Post 10 — Adrianne

Learning how to make the web pages and the videos, gives you a leg up in the work place. I am going into consulting so knowing how the coding and interface works gives me an advantage when talking to companies that want to work on their websites and customer service experience. However, this knowledge is great for all kinds of positions. I could imagine a social media director or advertiser needing to understand the background behind a website. Perhaps they don’t need to know exactly how to code the webpage (HTML or whatnot) but knowing some basics allows them to work more easily with someone who does know the gritty details. It’s a very specific language and I’m sure the software developers appreciate more specific details and parameters to give a better product. Another benefit to learning these things is that it gives you, as a user, credibility when you talk. You can say oh I know we can definitely change this to this and this is how I might do it but the point is I know for sure, this can be done. Doesn’t that sound like you know what you’re doing?

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