Blog 7-8 — Adrianne

Reflections on the technology in our lives

It is crazy to think that 20-30 years ago, computers and internet were hard to come by. Now, everyone is attached to their phones like it’s their fifth limb. I don’t think some of my younger cousins and friends could survive without their laptops or televisions. I see babies using tablets and phones. We are conditioned now to check our phones for messages and notifications at least a few times per day (if not within an hour). Good or bad, technology (specifically computers and phones) has become an essential part of our lives.

Now, some people are better than others at allowing their phones run their lives. Every so often, I try to put my phone down and leave it in a corner somewhere I can’t reach it for a few hours in order to detach myself from the memes and the messages. But I know some people who are constantly checking their phones and looking at Facebook. Some of my friends actively say they can’t go 5 minutes without checking their phones or being on some type of technology. Sometimes people are on their laptops, phones and watching television at the same time. Then, there are the stereotypical bankers who are always working from their phones, answering emails and questions. For a time, I was like that too. I have an online job (yeah, crazy that someone can make a living, working for people they have never actually met face to face), so for a while I was constantly answering emails and messages at all hours of the day.

However, there are still so many people who are terribly technologically challenged. Part of my work involves helping people with computers, more specifically, simple interfaces. Trust me; people of all ages are bad with technology. One summer, I was leading a summer youth camp and we asked the kids to design a poster using the computer modeled after one I made. They had no clue where to start. These were kids who grew up with computers and internet. They never knew life without them. So it confuses me how technology is so integrated into our lives and yet some people can use only basic functions.

It is so easy to be connected and with more of the world on the internet, it has become increasingly harder to not be connected. We can do so much remotely now. My point is technology, whether we like it or not has become a huge part of our personal and professional worlds. So many jobs involve communicating over messaging or email and using a web system to keep track of things. So we should probably actually know how to use them.

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